Tyson, our Car Care specialists, has over 11 years experience in the Window Tinting industry.  His attention to detail has gained him a well-deserved reputation in the Columbia area.  Those of you who have had windows tinted in the past know that sub-par work will lead to premature delamination (bubbling) or color change.  If you seek professional quality with a long-lasting result, then contact us at Columbia Car Car Center for an estimate on your vehicle.



We use only the highest quality material from Johnson Window Films in Carson, CA. A trusted name in the window film business; they have over 35 years experience.  We work closely with them to bring you a product that better addresses your needs, such as: heat load, glare, fading, and security.  

Johnson Window Films manufactures a comprehensive line of products that may be used not only for automotive applications, but commercial, residential, and safety/security uses as well.


Once we have applied our window tinting service to your car, there are a few items to remember. Please DO NOT roll your windows down for 5 - 7 days, and DO NOT clean your windows for 14 days. This will allow time for the film adhesive to cure

For continuing care, a non-ammonia glass cleaner or simple vinegar/water solution will work well for cleaning your windows.  Remember to use soft "all cotton," micro-fiber, or soft paper towels. Never use brushes or abrasives objects.


Columbia Car Care Center offers a limited lifetime warranty on all our window tints. Basically what that means is if we produce a faulty product or our service deteriorates due to normal wear and tear, we will repair and replace your window tints to your expectations at no additional cost.


Columbia Car Care Center is a small business owned by local families which survive on the quality of service we provide to you and the satisfaction you receive from our experience. We appreciate all our repeat clients!  

Columbia Car Care: "It's All About the Details"

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