The Ultimate in Premium Spray-In Protection!


When it comes to performance and durability, nothing equals GatorHyde's rapid curing, spray-in bed liners.  Unlike fast-set urethane liners, GatorHyde has available Pure-Polyurea coatings that are not temperature or moisture sensitive.  This technology allows the applicator to spray in low temperatures or areas of high humidity and never worry about blistering or curing.  GatorHyde offers long-term protection against rust/corrosion and outperforms drop-in liners, rubber mats and paint-like coatings. GatorHyde won't peel, crack, flake or chip.  Its unique stipple finish prevents cargo from slipping or sliding, causing damage to your vehicle. Nothing protects your truck better than GatorHyde.


GatorHyde is not just a single product for bed liners, though; it's a family an entire family of unique, rapid curing, protective coatings, developed for applications on virtually any surface.  Check out some of its other uses!



GatorHyde is developed for applications on virtually any surface.  Reardless of what you may have been told, no single product can do everything!  That is why we offer a diverse line of GatorHyde systems for your specific application.​

Whether you want to protect your pick-up truck bed, horse or boat trailer, fiberglass fenders, ATV, nerf bars, running boards, grill, tool box or any number of surfaces, we have the right product for you.


GatorHyde proudly introduces its unique family of Rapid Curing protective coating systems to the marine industry.  Regardless of the requirement, there is a GatorHyde coating designed for your specific application.  Manufactured exclusively by Chemline, Inc. in the USA, GatorHyde premium protective coatings provide excellent slip resistance and are available in both aromatic and color stable formulations.​​

Our diverse line of GatorHyde systems gives you the customer a choice of textures, non-slip characteristics, and colors.  If the application calls for a coating to be applied over wood decking, aluminum, fiberglass or steel surfaces, GatorHyde is the solution.


...or whatever GatorHyde system suites your needs!

We have customers with a variety of backgrounds, vocations, hobbies, and unusual circumstances that realize GatorHyde's potential and take interest in our lines of protective coatings.  Whether you have a commercial vehicle that you want to rust protect or a garage floor that you would like to create an anit-skid surface or a pool in your back yard that needs a new decorative coating, we can customize to your personal application.